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We have answers. Use the topics below to find out everything you need to know on how to get the most out of Sinister Nights!

  • Basics

  • What Is Sinister Nights?

    Sinister Nights is the horror convention taken to the next level. Conventions - horror and otherwise - are becoming more and more corporate and standardized. In our book, that means they are getting more and more stale and predictable. Sinister Nights is shaking up the status quo by introducing new ideas, events and expanding the concept of what a Horror Convention can be. Furthermore, Sinister Nights is poised to be the lighting rod that pulls together the dark, the different and the interesting from all over South Florida to gather and form our own tribe of freaks!

  • When Is Sinister Nights?

    SLAYbor Day Weekend - SEPTEMBER 3-5, 2021

    You can use the SCHEDULE to determine what is going on each day. Most experienced attendees stay the whole weekend and you will want to check the schedule often as we are adding new features regularly.

  • Where Is Sinister Nights?

    Sinister Nights is proud to be take place at the amazing James L. Knight Convention Center in Miami.

    You can use the HOTELS page to get complete details including a link to special convention-attendee ONLY room rates.

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  • Celebrities

  • Which celebrities will be in Attendance?

    We are negotiating with celebrities to be a part of Sinister Nights. You can view the CELEBRITIES. page to see who we currently have booked.

    The best way to know before everyone else is to sign-up with our mailing list by submitting your email address in the "Be The First to Know" field at the bottom of the page or following us on the social media platform of your choice. You may also suggest a celebrity for us to reach out to using the form on our front PAGE

  • What time are celebrity photo ops?

    There is a wide variety of celebrity photo-ops available for experienced attendees. First, check out the TICKETS page to see which celebrities are offering photo ops.

    Then visit the SCHEDULE page to see when that signing will be.

  • What are the Photo-Op Rules?

    These rules apply to the staged/ticketed photo-ops as outlined on this site. Photos of celebrities at their tables or during other events at the convention are strictly prohibited. This includes all "selfies".

    • No more than two fans per photo.
    • You cannot take photos in the photo-op room with your own camera. Please no video either.
    • Each fan must have a Sinister Nights ticket for that day to get into the photo line.
    • Additional prints are available for purchase from Sinister Nights.
    • Downloadable digital files (JPGs) are available for purchase from Sinister Nights.
    • Please do not bring gifts for the guest or items for the guest to autograph in the photo room.
    • Signature of the photo is NOT included in the photo price and may be purchased separately.

  • What are the Autograph Rules?

    Only those with an autograph ticket for that specific celebrity will have an item signed by the celebrity. If you are accompanied by/or accompanying a minor, or if you are a caretaker or have a caretaker who does not have an autograph ticket, they may stand in line with you, but when it comes time to have your item signed, they will be asked to stand in a nearby area while you get your item signed. Individuals who do not have an autograph ticket will not be permitted to linger around the autograph table.

    • Only one item can get signed per each autograph ticket. NO exceptions.
    • If you have difficulty standing or require special assistance, notify the autograph MC.
    • Photo-taking of the celebrity guests during autograph sessions is not allowed. You can take a photo of the celebrity signing your item for authentication purposes but no personal photos and no "selfies".
    • Personalization is at the discretion of the celebrity and may be determined by scheduling or other issues.
    • Items that are deemed inappropriate will not be presented at the autograph table.
    • After the item is signed, attendee will exit the area to allow access for the next person in line.

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  • Interactivity

  • What do you mean by Interactive?

    Traditional conventions are passive. You attend the event, sit in on films and panels (if they even bother to have any) while examining the offerings of Vendors and getting an autograph and/or photo of your favorite celebrity. That is a great experience but here at Sinister Nights we offer you much, much more. Check out our ACTIVITIES link in the menu to see the different events we offer that allow you to move from passive attendee to active participant in a unique horror experience!!

  • Do I have to be Interactive?

    ALL interactive activities are strictly voluntary and you are not required to take part in any of them. We give you the option and you cater the experience to your desires.

  • How do I take part in an interactive event?

    Each event has a different set of rules and guidelines. Simply click on the activity of choice from the menu and you will be given a complete breakdown on the how, when and where of each offering.

  • What if I just want to watch?

    Voyeurs are always welcome! Many of our events have live, studio audiences which are not on camera and we welcome everyone to be a part of those - FREE as part of your ticket purchase!

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  • Vendors

  • How do I become a Vendor?

    Being a Vendor at Sinister Nights is simple and economical. Head on over to the VENDORS page for complete details!

  • What are the Vendor hours?

    Vendors will be available in the Vendor room on the following schedule:

    • Friday - 5:00pm - 10:00pm
    • Saturday - 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Sunday - 11:00am - 7:00pm

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  • Sponsors

  • How do I become a Sponsor?

    Being a Sponsor at Sinister Nights is a powerful way to get your brand quality exposure to dedicated fans. Head on over to the SPONSORS page for complete details!

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