Nov. 1
Sinister Sindy

Come one, come all (this is not just limited to the ladies) for the first ever Scream Queen Olympics put on by Sinister Nights and judged by the legenday Linnea Quigley!! Join us as part of the audience or use the form below to submit your application to be one of the select few contestants who will compete in four scream-queen-themed events with gold, silver and bronze medals on the line!!
Stopicale Course

Stopticle Course

Every good sream queen has to run through some rough terrain but at the Scream Queen Olympics things work just a little different. You'll have to navigate an obsticle course while wearing high heals WITHOUT falling and WITHOUT stopping! Fall and your out, stop and the killer gets you. To top it all off you better look like you're scared as Linnea will be looking on!
Best Zinger

Best Zinger

What the hell is a Zinger? Well, every good Scream Queen gets a verbal burn in on her killer/tormentor so for this event, create a sceanrio (a horrible monster alien has been killing all my friends and now is threatening to kill my surrogate daughter) then give us your best Zinger to let the killer know you mean business (in this scario - "Get Away From Her You Bitch!")!! Show Linnea your creativity, your brilliance and how bad ass you can be! Can't come up with a scenario? We have a few we can provide you.
Drag a Dead Boyfriend Race

Soon-To-Be-Dead Boyfriend Drag Race

Every screeam queen ensd up dragging or fireman carrying their boyfriend part of the way only to have him ineveitably die.....horribly! Nonetheless, in this event, you'll have a rather heavy dead weight (like a real boyfriend) and have to drag him in whatever manner you see fit from one side and back. Time, and what Linnea thinks of your method and effort count!
Best Horror Scream

Best Horror Scream

SOOOO much goes into a really good horror scream and Ms. Quigley knows that better than anyone!! This is the main event that encompasses many aspects of whar truly makes a great scream queen! Not as easy as it looks, contestants will scream into a decibal meter so we can get a volume number but you'll also be judged on how scary and genuine the scream really is!

Contestant Application

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Tell us a little about you including why you want to be a contestant in the Scream Queen Olympics!