We want to express our most heartfelt thanks to our celebrity judges, our audience members amd every filmmaker who took the time to put in the effort making some of the best short films reflecting the challenges we all facing while in.....QUARANTINE!!


MOAN image
Director: Carter DeLaat


  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Spectrum
  3. Front Line Worker
  4. Wiped
  5. I'll Be Right Down
  6. Will You Be My Quarantine?
  7. Hot Mess


Hot Mess image
Director: Jason Hendricks


  1. Self-Isolation
  2. Screen Time
  3. Will You Been My Quarantine?
  4. Front Line Worker
  5. Wiped
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Spectrum
  8. Delete


WIPED image
Director: Dina Maragos


  1. 1st Runner Up: Front Line Worker (Carol Hatch)
  2. 2nd Runner Up: Will You Be My Quarantine? (Randy Gonzales/Erika Rae)

Also check out this video announcing the winners:

Our amazing panel of celebrity judges had some insightful and inspiring things to say about the contest:

Ken Foree
" During a trying time, I'm glad to see our community has stepped forward. Most of us are suffering from cabin fever and needed something creative to occupy our minds as days and weeks seemed all too similar, and forgettable. Bravo to the Quarantine Short Flim Competition produced by Sinister Nights and the SIN Film Fest. Some of the shorts were outstanding, some clever, all fun to watch. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to entertain us. Dozens of submissions from fans worldwide, what a wonderful idea, and well needed by all of us fighting to stay safe and creative."
Michael Gingold
"There's an impressive range of styles and cinematic imagination on view in the various shorts. These filmmakers have demonstrated that being physically restricted need not stifle creativity—and in this case, it has proven inspirational."
Gigi Saul Guerrero
"Festivals like these are so important. Specially during something like what we are living.  They hone the creativity and skills of passionate artists like the 12 finalists.  They bring the community together and fuel the importance of our craft, they allow us to try new things and take risks in a supportive environment. All top 12 shorts have something to offer, some of them are technically perfect and others strike just the right chords of story."
Kane Hodder
"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and imagination I saw with these films! Good job, everyone."
Graham Humphreys
"The Quarantine Film Competition is such a great idea. Despite the lockdown, creativity doesn't stop and in this competition a clear target has provided the focus for some amazingly diverse approaches. Without simply indulging themselves, it's clear that the real creativity arrives without ego and when the filmmaker is addressing the world beyond their own intimate sphere. For me, 'gallows humour' always hits the target and there are some wildly inventive entries here, demonstrating how at the worst of times, humour provides great strength. With limited (or no) scope for collaboration or even basic assistance, the range of techniques and resourcefulness is proof that filmmaking is more alive in the face of death than the virus itself! Despite the genuine hardships and losses during these last few months, here is a great opportunity for recalibration and a fresh horizon - and this is where it starts."
Adam McDonald
"It was great to be part of the Quarantine Film Competition. Having the chance to judge the short film entries was very exciting. It gave me the chance to discover some new voices and to experience many different creative vantage points, it was really refreshing. I must say, HOME SWEET HOME and SCREEN TIME were a stand outs to me, not to mention the "trailer" for SPECTRUM,  I found them to be exceptional shorts and proof that the genre is in good hands."
Josh Malerman
"The SIN Film Fest's "Quarantine" underscores that timeless corollary of horror: the less tools you have at hand, the more imaginative you become. Which is exactly what we desire from the genre. Here there is enough variety of mood and model, story and score, to excite us all. A total triumph in that these filmmakers rose to the occasion, delivering the weird, the witchy, the wonderful, almost as if they were locked down not in a room of their own, but in yours, with you, there to give you a thrill."
Adam Marcus
"So excited to have been a part of this! I loved the ingenuity of these quarantined filmmakers! This festival has been an extraordinary way to celebrate that filmmaking spirit that can be kept at home but never silenced!"
Vincenzo Natali
"The QFC shows the brightest of the darkest minds out there, making cinematic mayhem in the comfort of their own homes. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing art conjured from limited means and in this regard all the filmmakers demonstrated that, even under these horrific circumstances, horror will survive."
Debbie Rochon
"The Quarantine Film Competition was a joy to be a part of. I had the pleasure of seeing so many really unique and cool quarantine films done by horror filmmakers and horror fans. I was sincerely impressed with the creativity and use of people's universal lock-down experiences that they successfully brought to the table. I felt the great folks who sent in their pieces captured so many different aspects of what it feels like going through this, and escalated the experiences to a fever pitch while expressing it in a horror 'reality'. Bravo to all who entered!"
Felisa Rose
"I love seeing these passionate filmmakers creating these awesome shorts during quarantine!! Congrats to all for your incredible talents, and wonderful films!!"